Born in Sichuan, China

Lives and works in London and Vancouver, Canada


Royal College of Art, MA Photography, 2020

Royal College of Art, Contemporary Art Summer Programme, 2019

Pratt Institute, Mixed Media Arts, New York, 2018

EmilyCarr University of Art + Design, Advanced Painting Programme, Vancouver, 2016

EmilyCarr University of Art + Design, Fine Art Programme, Vancouver, 2014

Selected Shows

OFF RCA, Atelier Alonso, Arles, 2023

Murmuring, Publication, Offprint, Tate Modern, London, 2023

WAAITT, Easter Gallery, London, 2023

Peeling State, Social island, London, 2023

Open Fragment, Pragmata Collective, London, 2021

What is an image?, Dyson Gallery at RCA, London, 2019

The surface, the re-imagining, Pratt Institute, New York, 2018

The intangible connection of the multiplicity of existing is explored as an on-going inquiry within my work. My visual experimentations have engaged with ordinary objects, the perception of memory, psychological space and our connection with the natural world.

The images I produce enduringly aim to present the uncanny feeling of seeing the silence. In the scenes from life and nature, I make the silence articulate in a slow rhythm of monologue, subtle and affectionate.

Light is a metaphoric medium with the transmutable aspect that takes over my photographs, video, and text. It is an inexhaustible device not only to define or simplify the objects but also emanate diverse emotional meanings.

Producing visual pieces with attributes as the ones water has, inclusiveness and transience, is inherent to my sensibility. Imaginary dialogues are cultivated within my work about the form of myself, longing and belonging, displacement and impermanence, keep evolving and transforming.

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